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©Carol Erb, Tabletop Cruise

Small Wonders

Small Wonders is a visual diary of my year in lockdown. The work grew out of a still life project begun a few months before Covid-19 upended our lives. The original motivation for the work was a personal challenge to express my own sense of wonder at life’s mysteries using objects arranged on a table in my studio. As the reality of the pandemic unfolded, the imagery evolved to incorporate the state of my physical and emotional self.

Without the social interactions of normal life, my mind became occupied with memories that had been long forgotten. I’ve thought deeply about human nature, philosophy and ethics. I’ve longed to travel, to experience new things. Each image in Small Wonders is based on an idea, emotion, poem, song or family history.


©Carol Erb, Isolation

As an artist, my formal training is in drawing and painting which I practiced for many years as nothing more than a hobby. Ten years ago, I happened to see an exhibit in Los Angeles that featured the work of a dozen fine art photographers who use Photoshop to create their images. I instantly knew that I had to buy a camera, learn to use digital software, and play.

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©Carol Erb, Still Waiting


©Carol Erb, Virtue

My first projects were pure digital collage, fantastical and unreal. Since then, I’ve pulled back on special effects and compositing. Many of the images in Small Wonders are captured in-camera, with only a few minor adjustments in Photoshop.

It’s been an amazing 10 years since I bought my first camera. Nothing has been planned; one step led to another.

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©Carol Erb, Fertile Ground

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©Carol Erb, In My Dreams

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©Carol Erb, Universal Truths