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Felix Quintana

© Felix Quintana, Dipping Home in the Extended Chevy Truck by Felix Chevrolet

Los Angeles Blueprints

In my work, I create a portrait of Los Angeles, my community, and the urban landscape. In my ongoing series, Los Angeles Blueprints (2019-present), I use the 19th century cyanotype printing process, combining photography, printmaking, collage, and digital media to create vignettes of Southeast, East, and Central LA. I encourage my viewer to take a cruise through neighborhoods and places that are formative to my own experience. My work serves as a gesture to slow time down and see the past and present.

© Felix Quintana, Walking Down Alley with Shadow Cross

© Felix Quintana, Virtual and Actual Reality in Downtown Los Angeles

© Felix Quintana, La Cancion de Boyle Heights

© Felix Quintana, Families at Paramount Swapmeet

© Felix Quintana, Cruising Down the Street Under Freeway

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