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Jane Paradise

When I was young I was considered beautiful.jpg

©Jane Paradise, "When I Was Young, I Was Considered Beautiful"

"When I Was Young, I Was Beautiful

Norma Holt was a ninety-four year-old prominent New York and Provincetown, MA, photographer who continued to actively pursue her art and enjoy all of what life brought her until she passed in June of 2013. Through Norma I am telling the universal story about aging and how one person creates a meaningful life with deteriorating physical state.

books with a tale well told a good writer good use of  language Its unthinkable to go to b

©Jane Paradise, "Books with a tale well told, a good writer, good use of  language. It's unthinkable to go to bed without reading"

When Norma was young she was beautiful. Norma was an inspiration. She was someone who thought and created and transformed her work and devised new projects. She loved life irrespective of the physical challenges that aging brought her.

Having an active sex life kept me young.jpg

©Jane Paradise, "Having an active sex life kept me young"

This body of work is an intimate portrait of an independent creative spirit who also photographed artists. This portrait of Norma's later life (from 89 years old on) is told both through words and photographs. The words are serendipitous "Norma Wisdom", hopes, desires and longings. Her words are interspersed amongst imagery depicting Norma herself: a consummate artist and fierce soul.

Photography for me is a tool that mirror back to societys an altuistic representation of t

©Jane Paradise, "Photography for me is a tool that mirrors back to society an altruistic representation of the human experience"

In Norma's world there was never a dull moment and retirement was NOT an option.

I wish I had been less scared when I was young.jpg

©Jane Paradise, "I wish I had been less scared when I was young"

I first met Norma in the summer of 2007 when she and I were both, by chance, visiting the Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown. We struck up a conversation that began a friendship, a photography project, and a journey for us both that continues to the end of her life.

I will keep trying to my dying day.jpg

©Jane Paradise, "I will keep trying to my dying day"

Norma passed away on July 12, 2013 at 94 years old.

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