Joe Profita


©Joe Profita, Eureka Dune #9

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My mobility and vision are the human attributes I value the most...I like to walk around and look at things. Photography has become my way of collecting visual moments.


©Joe Profita, Eureka Dune #1

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I have lived in the Eastern Sierra for close to 40 years…a place that hasn’t seen much ‘development’. There is much natural beauty to be enjoyed. I believe this beauty needs to be recorded and preserved as a link to our past. I attempt to photograph these places in a way that shows their history and character…how they feel.


©Joe Profita, Duneline #1

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©Joe Profita, Eureka Dune #4

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All of the images shown here were made over a 3 or 4 year period of time in Eureka Valley. I can drive to the dunes in a little over an hour from my home. Upon arriving I would spend time walking around attempting to conceptualize what attracted me to the place. Eventually things would present themselves…patterns in the sand and cast shadows.


©Joe Profita, Eureka Dune #8

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I photographed with 4x5 and 2x3 folding cameras on film. The negatives were contact printed with palladium on a natural color white paper. I chose these materials hoping to create a print that felt like the place…soft and high key.


©Joe Profita, Eureka Dune #2

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