Karen Neems


Neems_K_ IntheBalance-ActV.jpg

©Karen Neems, In the Balance - Act V:

digital photo collage, vellum, paint and string

Spatial Choreography

In my series entitled Spatial Choreography, static mundane objects are put into motion. Photographed from the perspective of looking down, then layered with translucent film and string, the illusion of space becomes the new reality.  

Circles represent the eternal whole and in every culture are an archetypical form representing the sun, the earth, the moon, and the universe.  The irony of elevating these ordinary objects into the realm of celestial bodies is not inconsequential.   

In addition, the circular form, with neither a beginning nor end, implies the idea of movement, and symbolizes the cycle of time and perpetual motion.

Neems_Karen_IntheBalance-Act III.jpeg

©Karen Neems, In the Balance - Act III:

digital photo collage, vellum, colored pencil and string


©Karen Neems, Celesta I:

digital photo collage, vellum, string and colored pencil


©Karen Neems, Celesta II:

digital photo collage, vellum, string and colored pencil

I am a collector of images, mining them for unexpected combinations.
In my artistic practice I choose to use photography to explore the relationships of images I observe and record, rather than its documentary aspect.  I often use translucent layers and collage to foster the illusion of space and the connections created.  The elements depicted may have a certain familiarity, but the composition  transcends the importance of their identification. These constructions and deconstructions explore another aspect of my imagined reality.


©Karen Neems, Keep the Ball Rolling  3x:

digital photo collage, vellum and colored pencil

With Keep the Ball Rolling, I am looking down on tables and chairs, and playfully reinterpreting the juxtaposition of these objects. Layered with translucent film, selectively cut to expose certain elements, and hand colored.


©Karen Neems, Keep the Ball Rolling  9:

digital photo collage, vellum and colored pencil

Whether looking through the viewfinder of the camera, creating collages digitally or manipulating materials, I am drawn to the aspects that contain and formalize a space.  In a society where we are constantly bombarded by loud, disparate and raw imagery, I aim to create a calm and enchanting world, both within and outside the frame.