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Laura Dodson


©Laura Dodson, Still in Flight


The moments I am composing here are memories in a box, intimate narratives meant to be fluid, and prone to perpetual redefinition. The processes I experiment with include montage of old and new photographs for the layering of alternate states, abstraction to emphasize an edgy suspension between reality and dream, and a reliance on water, on its visual patterns and surprises.


©Laura Dodson, Olive Season


©Laura Dodson, Parasol


©Laura Dodson, Perennials

Vintage photographs present themselves as displaced and vulnerable environments. I incorporate their creases and tears, the notes jotted behind them, all wrinkles expressing invaluable character and a window through time. I choreograph an array of found objects alongside them in the hope of giving them new breath. Water added to the composition provides a filter that is malleable and suggestive of the irrational. For me it supports recreated memory in all its romantic volatility.


©Laura Dodson, Wedding Guest


©Laura Dodson, Whose Ghost

Desire, unease, nostalgia and transformation are some of the clashing themes I hope to address in these hybrid allegories.

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