Lucas Leffler


©Lucas Leffler, Petals on Jean


Home-Play is a photographic project initiated during the lockdown period in response to COVID-19. It consists of images taken in my living place, a shared house in the Terdelt district of Brussels, where I live with my roommates.

The images generated by this project come from a desire to reinvent the real, to create and to play, they have no other claims. Frivolity, recreation and joke describe the behavior which seeks to change the function of everyday objects, to reconfigure a place that we are used to seeing every day.



©Lucas Leffler, Blue Leaves

In this way, this project is not a diary relating the experience of quarantine or isolation period. Home-Play is a game.

As in every games, rules are necessary for its operation:

- reinventing everyday life,

- without leaving the house,

- and only with the things available.

These rules were not negotiable during lockdown, but I continue to follow them today as a working protocol.

These rules have become a logical limitation necessary for the development of a coherent system, an organized structure. This project therefore did not end with the end of the lockdown. It is still in progress and no end is considered at this time.


©Lucas Leffler, Salon 02


©Lucas Leffler, Clothes in Wisteria

The confusion of planeity’s perception, the bizarre details of a structure, or the wonder of a light-atmosphere are some examples of photographic forms that revealed themselves from daily life. Part of these still lifes, scenes and installations were staged, others were moments captured without intervention. Some were imagined and conceptualized beforehand, and others appeared suddenly by the happy coincidence of an experimental process.


©Lucas Leffler, Blue Arches


©Lucas Leffler, Plastic Bathroom


©Lucas Leffler, Home-Play, installation view

My work is stimulated by a fascination for the materiality of chemistry and its bivalent nature, close to alchemy, between the scientific and the magic dimension. I have an experimental practice of the photo medium which I tend to expand to other forms like sculpture or installation. My inspiration comes from myths and facts, often linked to photography in order to reenact history and to create new stories.