Margit Hart


©Margit Hart, Neckpiece: photo on Dibond, silver, goldleaf, bakelite

Shifted Relations

Positioning photographs on the human body as jewelry leads us towards a different dimension and opens up different perspectives as well as an exploration of the photographic medium. Viewers and wearers see the photos in a new way when worn on the body as pieces of jewelry. Changing environments bring continuously shifting relationships into being.

By wearing jewelry we are therefore involved in actively changing the context of the photos, and we interact with these pieces much more closely and directly than with an image hanging on a wall rather isolated and independent. Thus the meaning of the image is varied, modified and communicated diversely. Through the small format and specific crops the depicted images are perceived differently, realities become blurred and are transformed into something new. Jewelry is worn in various situations, including in everyday life remote from galleries and museums. Consequently an abundance of connotations and links previously not thought of arise.

In my works the image itself – without any further decorative trimmings – becomes a gem.

©Margit Hart, Shifted Relations: photo on aluminum, silver

© Margit Hart, Shifted Relations: photo on acrylic, silver

©Margit Hart, Assumption – What do I show, what do I hide? What is perceived by the person opposite? Photo, acrylic, aluminum, silver

©Margit Hart, Gent 1, photo on Dibond, silver, lacquer

©Margit Hart, Gent II, photo on Dibond,silver, lacquer

Taking photographs accompanies my life and has always been important for me besides making jewelry. In the work groups Structures, Fremde Federn, Borrowed Feathers and Shifted Relations,  the photos themselves became jewels. In earlier pieces specific details were emphasized through added parts in silver and aluminum, later on these additions were left out.


The photographs derive from a close observation of my everyday surroundings – at home or traveling –, noticing things at a certain moment, viewing them from an unexpected angle and thus discovering hidden treasures normally not noticed that easily. Abstractions are partly achieved in using details of details, and through changes in scale the photos are put into a new context. The rectangular, oval and round crops transform the images into partly abstract elements of design giving space for a variety of connotations.