Mary Daniel Hobson


©Mary Daniel Hobson, Evocation 004


These images came from a quiet place and a desire to play. I built ephemeral constructions into bottles, and like puppets, they performed under fog light against a backdrop of old maps and botanical drawings. I embraced the distortions caused by shooting through glass. In this way, the tension between internal space and external space is heightened, referencing how we all see the world through our own lens, sometimes clearly…other times aslant.


©Mary Daniel Hobson, Evocation 020


©Mary Daniel Hobson, Evocation 001

Evocations evolved from my love of photography and the tactile. For over twenty-five years, I have married camera-based imagery with mixed media to explore an inner world. I have built layered collages, bottled photographs in mineral oil, and here - in this series - created diminutive sculptures that exist just long enough to pose for the camera. Unifying all of my work is the belief that art can convey the complexity of our psychological existence and help us navigate an ever-shifting world.


©Mary Daniel Hobson, Evocation 018


©Mary Daniel Hobson, Evocation 011


©Mary Daniel Hobson, Evocation 014

Photography has taught me to pay attention. With camera in hand, I see more deeply the beauty inherent in the ordinary. Over time, I have discovered a profound appreciation for photography’s symbolic literalness. For example, the tree in a photograph is both every tree, and that specific tree at that specific moment. At its best photography describes clearly what is in the frame, and it also eludes to what is well beyond it - uniting the personal and the universal.