Meridel Rubenstein


©Meridel Rubenstein, Oppenheimer's Chair

Oppenheimer's Chair

Oppenheimer’s Chair was a commission for the first SITE Santa Fe International Biennial which intentionally opened on the 50th anniversary of the first atomic test at Trinity. This room-size glass house, with sandblasted imagery and a video projection onto a glass chair, is a meditation on nature and the shedding of defensive postures after 50 years of the Cold War. An armored sentry figure, made of transparent film in a standing steel frame, guards the portal. The chair video can be seen through him, transmutating in his solar plexus.


©Meridel Rubenstein, Oppenheimers Chair with Armor

Photography is how I best convert my ideas materially.  Everything comes in the eye  just like a camera lens and is upside down and backwards. I've always felt my job is to turn things right side up. I do see things like tonalities and sharpness in a very 19th century way. But I have  done everything I can to break down that distancing that happens when photographic images are faraway on a wall with a cold gelatin surface  instead of enveloping the  viewer. So now I just say I’m an artist using photography, not very traditionally.


©Meridel Rubenstein, Poison Nectar


©Meridel Rubenstein, Ghost House Snake's skin


©Meridel Rubenstein, Ghost House with Chain Mail


©Meridel Rubenstein, Oppenheimer's Chair Video and Text