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The Memory of Time_Ascend No I.jpg

©Mo Verlaan, Ascend No. 1

The Memory of Time

The Memory of Time is a study about the plasticity of time and light. For me there is a strong correlation between the impermanence of light and the fluidity of time. The Japanese word for space: Ma, describes it best: it suggests an interval, a gap or pause in time, an emptiness in space.

The Memory of Time_Interlude.jpg

©Mo Verlaan, Interlude

The Memory of Time_Core Reflection No II.jpg

©Mo Verlaan, Core Reflection No. II

The Memory of Time explores time and light through abstract spaces that cannot be deciphered immediately. They invite an altered state of perception individual to each viewer. To me, nearly all my images contain the same core: the mysterious voids in our subconscious that defy language and interpretation. Architectural structures inspire me most, where light can fleet in and out, seemingly creating new spaces.

The Memory of Time_Reflection of the Heart.jpg

©Mo Verlaan, Reflection of the Heart

The Memory of Time_Reflection of the Future.jpg

©Mo Verlaan, Reflection of the Future

To me light is both a tangible and evanescent medium, if not a language. By fading, moulding and carving the light in my photographs, I transform their reality and move the images into an imaginative and intuitive realm. The process involves composing layered images that nearly look like drawings or paintings, scraping off the innate realism that is part of photography, thus creating a more sensorial and subliminal world.

The Memory of Time_Prelude.jpg

©Mo Verlaan, Prelude

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