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Oli Kellett


©Oli Kellett, Hubbard St. Chicago, 2017

Crossroad Blues

According to legend, Robert Johnson, the Delta Blues musician, met the devil at a crossroads outside Memphis and sold his soul in exchange for his musical talents. He was forever plagued despite his success. 

6th St, LA.jpg

©Oli Kellett, 6th Street, LA, 2017


©Oli Kellett, Peach Tree St., Atlanta, 2017

Faustian Tales are more popular at times of moral crisis. We live in an era of fake news, political polarization and algorithmic echo chambers. Our experience of the world is fractured as we live out multiple identities on and offline.

Cuesta De San Vicente, Madrid, 2019.jpg

©Oli Kellett, Cuesta De San Vicente, Madrid, 2019

West 4th St, LA, 2017.jpg

©Oli Kellett, West 4th St., LA, 2017

Crossroads are a democratic place. We all have to wait. Being held at a ‘DON’T WALK’ sign allows us a few seconds, and occasionally minutes, to ask ourselves ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’

Lamar St, Houston, 2017.jpg

©Oli Kellett, Lamar St., Houston, 2017

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