Robyn Moore

Being in the Land _Bay Twilight_.jpg
Being in the Land _Bay Twilight_.jpg

©Robyn Moore, Being in the Land (Bay Twilight)

Being in the Land

Being in the Land is a series of photographic works inspired by my desire to make contact with the memory and intelligence embodied by landscapes. By making aspects of the land’s more latent phenomena visible and material I hope to understand more about its biological capabilities, significance and meaning. I am always chasing ways to give shape to these potencies that haunt me—what seems to me to be the affective power of the land. I rely on my art practice to facilitate empathy and the imagining of others' worlds, lives, histories and experiences and, in so doing, hope for a kind of access to forces and entities otherwise lost or unknown.

Being in the Land_Winter Trees 2_.jpg

©Robyn Moore, Being in the Land (Winter Trees 2)

Being in the Land _Skybridge_.jpg

©Robyn Moore, Being in the Land (Skybridge)

While the full body of work includes archival pigment prints, the works shown here are photopolymer gravure prints. I work with this process because it is unpredictable, giving and revelatory. Indeed, I feel the open, experimental nature of this process allows me to access what cannot be seen with a more conventional sense of sight. The inky sensuousness of photopolymer gravure allows me to explore the viscerally-felt, deeply-imbricated emotional and psychological potencies of what persists in the land: human histories, animal histories, the bodies of deep time and the limits of our own knowledge. By harmonizing the conceptual properties of photography with the material properties of intaglio printmaking I hope the images from Being in the Land might help materialize and amplify this feeling of presence inherent in all landscapes.

Being in the Land _Bay Moonrise_.jpg

©Robyn Moore, Being in the Land (Bay Moonrise)

Being in the Land _Rappahannock_.jpg

©Robyn Moore, Being in the Land (Rappahannock)

Being in the Land_Shenandoah_.jpg

©Robyn Moore, Being in the Land (Shenandoah)