2 Hummingbirds.jpg

Ryn Clarke, Hummingbirds

Fantastical Landscapes

These images are part of a daily diary called “Fantastical Landscapes" and look at my time in quarantine during the Covid-19 lockdown. One day I woke up and my entire world had shut down. Forced isolation created opportunities! I started walking everyday with my dogs and my camera and began documenting the arrival of Spring. My neighborhood and nearby woods became my daily inspiration and creative outlet.

MiamiBlue Butterflies.jpg

Ryn Clarke, Miami Blue Butterflies

Star Magnolias and Beetle.jpg

Ryn Clarke, Star Magnolias and Beetle

A couple of years ago I took a workshop on composite photography, but I never pursued it. With everything coming to a screeching halt and spending so much time at home, I decided to play with the composite technique again. The idea of taking the images from my walks and bringing in other images I had taken previously, into a digital collage, began to bubble up in my head. Incorporating my love of gardening and nature, imaginary ecosystems were soon born, brimming with color, cheer and tranquility.

December Cosmos.jpg

Ryn Clarke, December Cosmos


Ryn Clarke, Dragonfly

In manipulating different images, I try to control the depth and hidden attributes assigned in opacity and textural layers. With a background as a graphic designer, I am very purposeful in my choice of color palette for each image. I usually pre-visualize what meaning I want to convey for a more impactful image. Incorporating various photographic elements will eventually result in a space filled with mystery and make-believe.

Bill_s Garden.jpg

Ryn Clarke, Bill's Garden

Even though the Covid-19 lockdown is, hopefully, a thing of the past, this project continues to be an ongoing adventure! Stay tuned!