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Tami Bone


©Tami Bone, Summer


Mythos was inspired by my childhood, and the ever-present state of mystery that was my normal.  Not knowing who or where I came from meant that my awareness was filtered through an impression of wonder.  And hidden away within this wonder was a profound longing for a sense of place.


©Tami Bone, Wonder World


©Tami Bone, Opus

As a young child these longings for home and kinship permeated everything, but even so there was an untold knowing that could not be understood in a temporal way.  Perhaps having one’s own mysterious origin story encouraged a perception beyond what can be seen or touched:  something immeasurable and that transcends earthly relevance.


©Tami Bone, Night

What exactly is a sense of place?  Is it a roof over one’s head, a mother country, a people bound by shared interests, or bona fide flesh and blood?  Or is it way out past the edge of what we can see and explain?  Is it possible that while we quest after materiality there is a deeper meaning that has to do with a recognition and a welcoming of our purpose within the great unknown?


©Tami Bone, Girl in the Moon

Paradoxically, if we find the courage to surrender parts of ourselves and venture to see the unseeable and to know the unknowable, we might encounter a sense of place that is irrefutable, and that was there for us all along.  Maybe this is the journey of all journeys, and an expression of the shared mystery that binds us all together.


©Tami Bone, Venus

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