Tobia Makover

sheltering skies installationentry.jpg

©Tobia Makover, Slight of Hand installation

i received my mfa in 1999 

i loved every minute in the darkroom ...

made my own GAF 130 developer (beautiful glowing whites) ...

  agfa fiber paper.  limited edition.  professionally matted and framed.....
and too expensive to actually make/maintain after my graduate school work.
i tried ...

   but the next two shows, money determined the number of prints that went into the show.

money determined the number of prints that went in the show??!!???

sleight of hand installation.jpg

©Tobia Makover, hiraeth - sleight of hand

i started experimenting. 
dumpster diving for surfaces.  a gift of discarded bee's wax.
with nothing holding me back, the work started to pour out of me.  
pieces increased.
no more editions.
couldn't keep up.
all unique.

seems obvious, in retrospect, that exhibiting work would change.
i stepped back from what was expected of me.
when doors didn't open, i opened my own.

sheltering skies anteroom installation.j

©Tobia Makover, anteroom - sheltering skies

so i went for it:

shows with installations of over a thousand pieces
a large floor installation that you had to walk around to look at
floating cubes
pieces that hang from the floor to ceiling
i hung in museum halls
abandoned homes

i listened to the space
each called for something different
allowed me different ways to show the work.


©Tobia Makover, detail- sheltering skies


©Tobia Makover, hiraeth - sleight of hand

and all this breaking away lead me to so many like-minded artists
those that break the rules/those that never even knew the rules
to create a whole new language.

i love my photo community
am i coming back full circle?
but will i keep doing me and where i land ..
we'll see.

dear friend and amazing artist, lori vrba,

made this video of my installation in

savannah, georgia.. december 2018
music from soundtrack amelie

all rights reserved