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Victor Enrich


©Victor Enrich, Madusa

City Portraits

My work is intimately connected to architecture. Since our origins, mankind has expressed itself in different ways, using all sorts of techniques and technologies, that, with the passing of time, shapes what we know as culture. Architecture is not an exception since it has always played a very important role in the evolution of mankind, helping us to feel closer to our gods and divinities, canalizing and giving order to the management of power, or even bringing peace among communities that historically had been always at war. Architecture has also played an important role in art, during the Italian Renaissance, in which perspective began being used as the most exact way to represent the architectonic space, or in the metaphysical paintings of de Chirico, just to mention some.


©Victor Enrich, Symptoms of Rebellion


©Victor Enrich, Manuela is Getting Late

My artistic practice began rather late, at the age of 32, after having worked for more than a decade in the architecture sector, mostly in the Barcelona area. In 2007, moved by a strong motivation towards a more humanistic exploration of life, I decided to cease any commercial practice and began research about the urban form using 3D architectural visualization as a media to materialize the ongoing results of this research. In a clear post-architectonic attitude, I define my research as an attempt to find ways that enable the transgression of the limits of past and present architecture, for the sake of forcing it to interact with the unknown.


©Victor Enrich, Tango


©Victor Enrich, Borrell


©Victor Enrich, Tuna

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