Wendi Schneider



©Wendi Schneider, The Gossamer Threads of Dreams

The Patina Collection

The Patina Collection is an assemblage of gilded prints in the States of Grace series paired with antique frames – the synthesis of 40 years of collecting turn-of-the- twentieth-century art and objects, and creating images inspired by my collection of Pictorialist photographs. The serpentine shapes are echoed in the subjects I photograph and the frames that house these works. Printed on translucent vellum or kozo, these ethereal impressions are illuminated with white gold, moon gold, silver, or 24k gold on the verso, creating a luminosity that varies as the viewer’s position and ambient light transition. My process infuses the artist’s hand and suffuses the treasured subjects with the implied spirituality and sanctity of the precious metals.


©Wendi Schneider, Thoughts of Silence

My work is rooted in the serenity I find in the sinuous elegance of organic forms. I strive to make the intangible tangible and to preserve the visual poetry of these vanishing moments of beauty in our vulnerable environment. I photograph intuitively and feel it’s important to look deeply. It’s less about how the subject appears, than how it is seen and felt. The focus to define the soul of the subject is calming for me. I’m drawn to the exquisite lines of a subject — as if their very essence is contained in their form. I’m constantly searching for solace amidst whichever lovely landscape I find myself exploring, to elevate the intrinsic beauty and value of my subjects. My work is a testament and tribute, an adoration and an obligation.


©Wendi Schneider, A Bough of Roses

Informed by a background in painting and art history, my images are layered digitally with color and texture to manipulate the boundaries between the real and imagined, and are often altered within the edition, honoring the variations. My original capture is usually only the starting point for the final versions of an image. I want my work to reflect the multifaceted states of nature, including the experience of shifting light refractions. I’m drawn to nuanced color and the luminosity and depth the leafing infers, and I continue to play with the metals to enhance the palette. Coming from a painting background, I’m less interested in the traditional idea of printmaking multiples and usually only make a few versions of an image at a time. I treasure getting lost in time during all stages of the creative process.


©Wendi Schneider, Madrones


©Wendi Schneider, Dusk Falls

©Wendi Schneider, As the Snow Melts

Most of the time, I create the prints specifically to fit the frame’s size and color. Every now and then I have a print already made that works in perfect harmony with the chosen frame. Each of these unique framed prints is truly a one-of-a-kind object of reverence.