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A Work of Body catalog, ©ann mitchell

I curated my first exhibition over twenty years ago while working on my MFA at Claremont Graduate University. A Work of Body explored the inspiration that my peers were finding through the use of human and animal materials. Not only was I personally interested in what I saw, but I also felt it was important for artists to have an active role in building community.

One of my original goals for 2020 was to create a physical gallery connected to a community art space where I could, once again, showcase work that I found interesting. That goal has morphed into the mission for this site by celebrating my love for photography by exploring a wide range of themes through creating showcases for a wide range of visual voices. Each bi-monthly posting will be themed with links directly to each artist. My own work will not be featured, but can be found on my website.

Here’s to rebuilding our lives!

Ann Mitchell


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