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Alex Castro Ferreira


©Alex Castro Ferreira, I Am Priceless

My process is loving what is old, discarded, what was throw away.  I love giving new life to what has been forgotten, not taken care of, like old passports, old books and old documents that I am lucky enough to find in Feira da Ladra, the oldest flea market in Lisbon.


©Alex Castro Ferreira, I Look Within


©Alex Castro Ferreira, I Am Happy

It’s one of my favorite moments when I start digging, searching, not knowing what objects or ephemera I am going to find. Usually I start my artist books with the cover, then all unfolds. There is always part of my story within the books I sell, like the photo of my grandma, she follows me everywhere.  Rusty objects, papers, ecodyeing, stiching, gathering, organic elements are mixed in one book.


©Alex Castro Ferreria, I Will Not Give Up

It all started in Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles with Bev Brazelton’s Altered Books.  I was completely hooked and never stopped creating books since then, adding new techniques, new colors and at the same time it’s always the book about memories, about knowing where I came from and where I want to go.


©Alex Castro Ferreria, Open Mind

I created my first online course Keeper of Memories in March that was a major success and everyday still feel grateful for it.

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