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Barbara Hazen

© Barbara Hazen, Carousel Rides

Memory Keepers

The autumn of life is often more complex in reality. It is a period of life filled with loss and awareness of growing old with the potential for mental illness. My project examines these elements, as two of my family members are afflicted with dementia. I am not focusing on the painful loss of them, but rather on the fear of my own conceivable cognitive illness, and the inevitable solitude and isolation that coincides.

© Barbara Hazen, Three Beauties

© Barbara Hazen, First Communion Dress

I collect or have saved items that conjure up memories of the past. I am photographing these personal objects and my home surroundings, to document something of my life before I may no longer know their meaning.

© Barbara Hazen, Thirty Years

© Barbara Hazen, White Shirts

© Barbara Hazen, Pink Dogwoods

For this series I have used the alternative processes Cyanotype over Platinum Palladium printing to give these items the reverence they hold in my heart. Each handmade photograph mirrors the actual object and its memory.

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