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Heather Evans Smith

© Heather Evans Smith, Blue


Some say my dad's death was the spark that ignited my depression, but this feeling has been brewing for a while.  I started to notice a sadness creep in a few years into my 40s. I searched “depression in women” and stumbled across articles stating women are the most depressed at age 44. I was at that very moment 44.

© Heather Evans Smith, Until There Is Little Left

© Heather Evans Smith, Paint It Blue

Loss during this time in a woman’s life can weigh heavily. Children are getting older and need the comfort of a parent less; the health of one’s own parent(s) is starting to fail, and hormonal shifts begin. 

© Heather Evans Smith, Conservatory

© Heather Evans Smith, Veneer

Using the color blue, which for hundreds of years has been associated with melancholy and sadness-these images evoke this period in my life and how it affects those around me. A mid-point, as I am stripping down, taking stock, and finding a new place amongst the loss.

© Heather Evans Smith, Stain

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