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fiona (visiting chickadees).jpg

© Amanda Smith, Fiona (visiting chicadees)

Keeper of Secrets

We all keep secrets. Some dark, but most are petty and maybe a little foolish. Contrary to accepted opinion, men are more likely to divulge secrets than women. We tend to hold our secrets pretty close. Especially those little, quirky, benign ones.

In this body of work I am not attempting to betray those secrets. I am representing the keepers of secrets, not the secrets themselves, by hiding parts of us away. The secrets reside in the land of our dreams, coexisting side by side, mingling and reproducing, creating ever more opportunities for me to imagine and discover.

© Amanda Smith, Tess (learning to play the tuba blindfolded)

© Amanda Smith, Elizabeth (wondering)

© Amanda Smith, Madge (looking for the light)

© Amanda Smith, Ava (loving her chicadees)

© Amanda Smith, Lucille (please join me)

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