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Carsten Meier


© Carsten Meier, Shasta Dam, California 2014


DAM is a compilation of photographs of Dams from Europe and the United States, collected over five years. Dams are capable of balancing architectural allure with the strength to stop rivers just as they visually represent the dichotomy between water ecology and water management.

© Carsten Meier, Rappbode Dam, Germany 2010

© Carsten Meier, Zakarias Dam, Norway 2013

© Carsten Meier, San Clemente Dam, California 2014 (removed)

© Carsten Meier, Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona, 2017 (Topo 1995 / Satl 2015)

© Carsten Meier, Carbonibus decoquunturs, Canyon Point, Lake Powell, 2017

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