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Jennie Fine


© Jenny Fine, Monday


The Cult of Domesticity is a term used by historians to describe the prevailing value system among upper- and middle-class white protestants in America and the United Kingdom during the nineteenth century. This ideology identified that “true women” should be restricted to the home and possess four cardinal virtues: piety, purity, domesticity, and submissiveness. Today, I still feel the lasting effects ideology has had on the role of women in the public sphere.

© Jenny Fine, Tuesday

© Jenny Fine, Wednesday

My Granny Caldwell is a card-carrying member of The Cult of Domesticity and often mourns my failed womanhood. I made this series of collages at home with my grandmother over Christmas, while most women tend to the emotional and physical labor of creating a loving refuge for their spouses and children.

© Jenny Fine, Thursday

© Jenny Fine, Friday

FOOD or WOMEN’s WORK is a series of hysteria-induced mixed media collages created from imagery culled from 1950s cookbooks and male cut-outs from my elementary school yearbooks.

FOOD or WOMEN’s WORK, 2019-ongoing, 16”x20”, mixed media and digital collage

© Jenny Fine, Saturday

© Jenny Fine, Sunday

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